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 Essential Information

What to wear?

It is important that all paticipants are suitably equipped for the outdoors and the probability of encountering bad weather. We often walk over exposed fells and moorland where conditions can quickly become challenging when the rain and wind picks up. This is not usually a problem when everyone has the right gear. This basically means you need a waterproof and windproof shell and layers of warm clothes underneath. You will also need  a walking boots, or at least a pair of sturdy trainers with a good grip. If you are struggling to get hold of the gear then I can generally loan you a set of waterproofs. Please note that, for your own safety, it may not be possible for you to come on a walk if you are not adequately equipped.

Basic Equipment

Good waterproof & windproof jacket
Waterproof trousers
Fleece jacket or warm woolly
Trousers - modern synthetic material best.
(avoid jeans and cotton trousers)
Walking boots/sturdy trainers
Hat & gloves when cold
Sun protection
Small rucksack
Walking Poles (optional)

What to Bring?

On all walks you will need to bring a packed lunch as well as enough money to cover the cost of the walk as advertised, and enough for a brew in the cafe after the walk. 

Where to Meet

This will vary and is by mutual convenience. We can agree upon a suitable place to pick you up when you book a place.


The costs of walks are kept as low as possible, sadly there is nothing doing in the way of public funding so all costs currently have to be covered by charging for walks. Prices vary according to distance travelled and time spent out on walks. All payments are collected on the day of the walk and I can only accept cash.  If you can,t make a walk you have booked on please please let me know ASAP.

Health & Safety

All walks are led by myself Pete Crutchley. I have 40+ years experience of walking& climbing and I know the areas we walk in like the back of my hand. All walks are chosen to be appropriate for the fitness levels and ability of everyone participating and safety is the number one priority. However there is always the chance of a trip or slip, and minor mishaps occasionally happen, this is the nature of walking in the countryside. I am first aid trained to deal with this. 

Transport is provided in small  modern VW transporter that is kept in tip top condition. I am midas trained to drive minibuses.

All activities are covered by insurance.

Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is increasingly recogised for the significant positive benefits it has upon health and wellbeing.
It can help with

General Wellbeing
Losing Weight
Cardio vascular fitness
Muscle tone

Generally walking just makes you feelgood by being in a relaxing environment away from the stresses and strains of life. The combination of fresh air, exercise, socialising, and just being in a beautiful place is a winning formula that can significantly improve your health and wellbeing.

Active Days walks should be fine for the vast majority of people, but if you have any concerns about your health or fitness to participate then it is best to consult your GP for advice, prior to coming on a walk. 

Comments And Suggestions

I always strive  to make sure that Active Days provides a relevant, challenging, and enjoyable experience for everyone who participates. If you have any comments or suggestions about activities then please don't hesitate to contact me.

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